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Where are the values to find?


you mean the coordinates?

You should check the gif demo.

There are properties in the terrain node thst allow you to do that, zoom and lat-lon.

Right, but which value is zoom and lat-lon?


I've updated the page, also corrected a small issue with code.

There is a setting where you can enter x=latitude, y=longitude and z=zoom

Thank you!

cant get the demo to run on godot 3.1. says that set_squareHeight is not defined in the current class. this is after activating the addon from the addon menu

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Hi, I'm really sorry, I haven't updated it to 3.1, if you can wait I'll might be able to fix it this week.

I mean, I have started a complete new version for 3.1, that should be faster, and solve the seams problem. But that one will take much longer.

Hey, how ya doin'...

I just finished updating the module, can you test it again?