It's ALIVE!!⚡️⚡️

I've finally taken the decision to publicly show this page, as I'd really like to let you know about this project.

I've started around February 2019 to play around with a lowpoly terrain renderer for mars (it's not exactly procedural generation as I'm using real Mars elevation data). The reason for lowpoly is because I wanted this to work on mobile, if possible.. And it worked!

So I kept improving it from time to time, then, around end of September 2019, Julia started the 100 days of Gamedev challenge, I thought it would be a great idea to commit myself to something like that, where, even if not mandatory, a daily update would become my habit.

So I did, every day, since then, I did my best to work on my project on a daily basis. So far I haven't skipped a single one, even if in certain cases I could dedicate to it only a few minutes.

As of now, I have made one crappy devlog, a second is ready but not shipped (I have to scrap it and make it another one from scratch), laid out some UI, added terrain props (rocks only for now), improved units navigation, a very basic particle effect for the units, performance is getting better, and also stability (although I'm still having some crashes sporadically).

There are many things I'd like to let you know, but as this is just an announcement, I'll stop here and leave the rest for the next updates.



Download video


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Looking forward! Keep up the good work! 🥳