Units AI and proofreading

In the last few days I've been working on the units AI and a little bit of proofreading of the game's page.

About the (pathfinding) AI, I first added the code that allow units to collide (not perfect yet), and later on I added a timer so that if between the current and the next position it collides with a unit, it waits then retry, if it collides more than a certain amount of times it just gives up and stop.

Next time I will add path recalculation (imagine that the obstructing unit has just stopped, you may want to try to move around it).

There's actually a lot I can do, but in the next days I'll also have to try this custom Godot build:


I met on twitter Dodafish and he's doing a great job working on a new navigation system, based upon the current navmesh system, I'd really like this to work as I like, and also to have this improvement included into the official build, I'm only afraid I'll have to wait for Godot till this becomes part of it.

Anyhow, I've downloaded his version and will build it in the next days, it might be worth the extra work (custom build the editor and the export templates) if it improves my navigation system.

Let me explain this.

My units for now are just navigating along the terrain vertices, so there's a lot of approximation of where they could actually go. And lately I've been thinking how the game would look having a more realistic unit movement. So, when my brother asked me why I'm not adding dust trails to the units, well, I did it, and that was the thing that finally motivated me to point towards more realism.

Well, that's it for now, you can see in this gif how the units are moving leaving a dust trail bigger or smaller depending on the speed of the unit. And also, even if not so noticeable the rover waited for the drone to move. For some reason that small point that represents an astronaut, decided to enter the dome... from the windows... LOL.

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