Windows and Weather - It's been way too long

First, I want to apologize, if there's anyone following the development of this game, I owe you an explanation.

Why?! P'cchè?

Well, the reason is something I had to think about, apparently I just stopped dedicating time to it, and when I did I lacked will to do anything relevant. But behind that I think I started realizing the amount of work this game still need to be considered a game, even just a demo. Plus, I realized it's too ambitious to make this work on a mobile (unless I want to exclude a huge amount of potential users).


So, not so long ago I discussed it with my only collaborator, my brother, and he finally agreed on porting the game to windows/Linux/mac (not 100% sure about mac). this will allow me to make the game look a little better, although I want to keep the low-poly style.

As of now, I've already ported some of the project to GLES3, in particular I'm now using GPU particles, instead of CPU ones. The result will be the possibility of having thousands of them at the same time while keeping the frame-rate decent.

As you can see I already made some tests, this is still WIP, not sure if I should use polygons, or instead sprites for the sandstorm effect, plus I should try to create some shader to help me improve the look of them (it's ok low poly, but I don't like the sharpness of those "sand clouds").

Most likely in the next update you'll see more of this, I plan to add lightnings too, and make the weather change as you move.

Side note

I've spent quite some time, and still I am, playing a cool game called Space Engineers, it's amazing the amount of things you can do in it, I also hope to implement here some of the cool things that game has.

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